Procurement & Exports Goods from EU

The process of supplying goods in the modern world of trade, especially the supply and delivery of goods from Europe, is highly specialized and somewhat complex. Communication problems, not documenting conversations, not accurately identifying needs and requests and other factors can waste your time and money and sometimes the wrong order. Lavitala Group, affiliated with Lavitala Food & Industry , is your consultant in supplying and delivering goods with the expertise of a qualified specialist to ensure your success in supplying the goods and parts you need from Europe.

Procurement Process:

Procurement Process:

  • Identify needs
  • Write technical specifications
  • Selecting the supply method
  • Prepare application documents
  • Clarify and closure suggestions
  • Evaluation of suggestions
  • Confirmation of supply of goods
  • Specify Supplier
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract Management
  • Evaluating and optimizing of Procurement
Austrian geographical location and the relation to the the Middle east

Austria has a central geographical location in Europe and acts as a bridge between the two because of its relatively short distance to Iran. One of the convenient transportation options is the time and cost of land transport which takes an average of ten days. Other key factors that make Austria more attractive for business are its political neutrality and economic stability.

In addition to undertaking all the process of supplying and sending your desired goods in Europe, Lavistar Group will also provide you with the opportunity to track and clear in Iran. Contact us for more information or information on shipping and delivery from Europe .

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