Lavitala Brands


Lavitala Brands currently include, Lavitala, SummerTruffle, SalGift, Safsian and Lavistry. Below you can find short descriptions and links to online stores and dedicated pages for the brand information. Although we are open to expand our products and brands, currently we concentrate on the improvement of the brands as well as increasing the quality and products variety.

Our Brands

Legal information on Lavitala brands

Note: All Lavitala brands, including SummerTruffle, SalGift, Safsian and Lavistry, are protected by law. Thank you for your commitment to trademark protection and send suspicious cases by email to: [email protected] Further legal information can be found in the General Terms and Conditions section .

Note: Lavitala brands are exclusively dedicated to Lavitala Austria and although we work internationally, we do not have any exclusive agent in other countries. We appreciate if you could report the fraudulent claims to us.


Please note that we never communicate using free email services like Gmail. We only use our official emails from official domains including:,,, and Please notify us if you have received a suspicious message.