European Certification

Lavistry Group as a department of Lavitala Austria offers professional service in obtaining European Certification. With our local, professional and experienced staff we can offer these services fast and affordable. We offer you the best option depending on your needs and working conditions.
Here you can find some of the most requested Certifications:


CE is an abbreviation of the French word Conformité Européene meaning European Conformity as a certificate of conformity with European health, safety and environmental standards. This certificate is obligatory to sell a product within the European Economic Area. Anyhow sometimes the manufacturer uses this standard to sell the product in other countries to determine the conformity of the manufactured product with the CE standard. After obtaining this certificate, the holder can use the CE logo .CE Logo


This Certificate is a quality management system that is usually time consuming and costly to obtain, including three main certificates and a number of reports. The certificate ISO 9000 defines its standard and the conditions for its award. ISO 9001 addresses customer satisfaction requirements. ISO 9004 Guide to Sustainable Success or Continuous Improvement. There are other ISO certification such as 14000 that deals with environmental management.


This certificate is abbreviation of the English term Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and means loss analysis and critical point control. HACCP includes a detailed nutritional hygiene procedure. In which chemical, microbiological and physical hazards assessment are parts of this certification. The certificate covers the food preparation process from raw materials to production, delivery and distribution. In addition to the food industry, the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries also use this standard.

Laboratory Analyzes and Certifications:

For successful product marketing and export, a trustworthy analytic and certification is as a key success factor necessary. For more information, please contact us. We offer you the right analytics and lab depending on the type of product you want and the market you are looking for and other factors.
Obtaining a European quality and certification with Lavitala Food & Industry’s Lavisteria Group guarantees your success in global markets. There is a simple and key reason for this success, and so is our knowledge with this market and our life and growth.

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