Customs Clearance in EU

There are many reasons for choosing Austria as the source of customs clearance in Europe, the most important of which are:

  • Central geographical location in Europe and quick access to other EU countries
  • Simple and stable business laws
  • Availability of the professional companies’ services and the presence of many international concerns in Vienna
  • Avoid complex bureaucracy
  • Low government and service companies charges
  • Transparent customs tariffs in accordance with the European Union
The central position of Austria in Europe
The central position of Austria in Europe

In addition to the land freight, there is a professional service of the aircargo in Vienna. Vienna Airport has a professional international cargo infrastructure. Multiple daily flights from Vienna Airport to middle East and other parts of the world, provide the best possibilities for fast Aircargo. The customs clearance is very fast and straight forward. Concequently freight forwarding to other European countries via Vienna Airport Air Cargo is one of the most suitable alternatives for perishable goods or express delivery.

Lavistry is a department of Lavitala Food & Industry which provide services for international trading. As your representative Lavistry is ready to undertake the process of customs clearance and freight of goods. Contact us for more information or free consultation.

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