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China and Europe TradesBusiness grows and flourish like a tree, need strong roots, caring, maintenance and adapting to the environment. China and Europe Trades as well as international trades are affected by COVID-19. There are tons of information and news about COVID-19 and its business impacts. The major problem is that those mostly focus on negative impacts and consequences. There are very little about opportunities or even remedy of the damages. Here we try to to offer solutions to the affected businesses. We try to view the subject from another perspective. At the end we provide our solution, which helps to expand, recover or stabilize your business especially if it is china based.

Why one needs to adapt the business?

There are variety economic, political and emotional impacts of COVID-19, we try to point some of them here. We are neither going to make geopolitical and economic analysis here nur raising a fear. We would like to briefly point some facts which everybody need to find a solution in business and at the end we offer our Solution.

Globalization failure in COVID-19 time

In the emergency and restricted situation, the export of china was temporary interrupted. Consequently many countries have faced difficulties in production of medicines or emergency equipments as there were lack of raw material supply. This raised the subject of necessity of changes in economy and concentration of domestic independence. In other words rely on local companies instead of international and especially chinese one.

US economic and political conflicts with China

Nevertheless it is about trade balance, COVID-19 virus origin or anything else, the conflicts between US and China have negative impact on chinese companies and their exports. This problem escalades internationally by more US pressure. In other words US plays an influencing role in international economic. Consequently this could have a negative impact on china international exports.

Other COVID-19 Consequences

There are many negative impact of COVID-19 for every economy. But if we refer to China these impacts are mixed with political opinions, speculations, doubts and personal views in international level. Tha same applies to China and Europe Trades. The major speculation is the origin of the virus which even is not clear or proved has its own negative impact. Considering the situation the best solution is that the chinese companies convert themself to more international companies. This could happens by international cooperation and partnerships. Lavistry, Lavitala industry offers a range of solutions and services to chinese companies.

Cooperation and rebuilding the trust

We offer a range of business solutions and services to minimize the negative effects of COVID-19 or generally boost your business. If you can not find your required service, please contact us, we would be happy to work on your requirements to find an individual matching solution.

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